dijous, 27 de gener de 2011

I'm Sam!

Hi, I'm Sam. I am from England. I live in Scarborough, in the North of England with my parents. They are called Alex and David. In England I study at the University of Bristol. It is a long way from Scarborough but I like it a lot. I have lots of friends there and I really enjoy my course.

This year I living and working in Barcelona. I Live in the centre of the city. It is always very busy and the atmosphere is great. I work in a school called Escola El Polvorí. I have never worked as a teacher before, but I have really enjoyed the experience: the others teachers are welcoming and the children are very funny.

In my free time in Barcelona I like to read, I enjoy walking around the city and visiting all the monuments and 4 or 5 times a week I play hockey in Montjuïc.

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Anònim ha dit...

Me haagradat molt , saber coses de el Sam h sigut una pasada ferli una entrevista ha un profesor..

Tere English teacher ha dit...

Just a few words to tell us your life....we need to know more about you !!
Have you got any sister or brother??
What about your girlfriend??
Do you enjoy the Barcelona Saturday night fever?

etc, etc....