divendres, 14 de maig de 2010

Tenim un nou company!

Hello! I’m Andrei!

I was born on August 12 1999. My father go at work on Spain. Soon my mother take care of us. Soon i was growing and growing soon I was 6 years old and my mother go to Spain too and work. Soon my grandfather and grandmother were take care of us and I was growing and growing soon I was 10 years old and were go to the Spain too. And I and my brother and sister go to 5è class of Escola del Polvori. Were live happily and I and my friends go play a football. In the noon i was going to my home to eat. And the afternoon we were go to home and go to the park and play football with my brother and we were biking on the park the scooter my sister got the scooter. And soon at the night my father came .
From were house and at 9:00 we were go to the sleep. And the Saturday we were going to the park play computer and clean the house. Soon my house were clean. On Sunday we were going to the church. And now I’m writing this. This is my life.